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 E-book: Secrets of Stock Market Success

You can trade from anywhere - even the beach

Find out professional traders' and stockbrokers' secrets

Now you can buy, sell and more importantly monitor share prices using nothing more than your home computer.

But you need to know what to buy and when.

The e-book gives you the opportunity to choose your own shares and to quietly make profits month after month using just those few same shares, over and over again.

What have you got to lose?



About the author:

Steve Nichols worked for a financial services company for 15 years before becoming a journalist.

He originally wrote the "Secrets of Stock Market Success" in 2002 after spending two years researching the way professional investors actually pick shares.

Much of the information in the book comes from his and others' experience of making stockmarket profits.

The e-book has recently been updated to include new methods using free data available on the internet and how to pick an online broker.

In just 10 minutes this
e-book will reveal how YOU
can make bigger profits trading stocks and shares

How would you like to make money while you sleep? I thought so!

When you trade stocks and shares you can make significant profits in good times and bad. You make money in your own home, in your own time, and at your own pace.

Smart investors have been quietly making money this way for years and you can join them too. With the internet explosion it's become even easier for you to trade stocks and shares.

So how do you make big profits from stocks and shares? The easiest way is to do exactly what professional traders do.

The Secrets of Stockmarket Success is one of the best value stocks and shares e-books around and costs less than $10/£10.

It shows you how to choose what to buy, when to buy and when to sell. It teaches you how to pick the right shares in good times and bad, and how to save a fortune in brokers' bills.

And it doesn't matter where you live as the principles in this stock market manual can be applied to any stockmarket in the world.

The Secrets of Stock Market Success is a downloadable electronic book - you could be reading it in just five minutes time.

The book suggests you look for stocks and shares with cyclical volatility. That is, their price goes up and down on a regular basis. Once you recognise this cycle you are ready to trade.

Don't believe us? Certain stocks can gain and lose up to 30-40 per cent of their value on a regular basis as buyers and sellers trade. By using the techniques in the book and free information on the internet you can see this for yourself.

The book teaches you how to track these shares and how to spot buying points. But the best bit is you get to paper-trade or do dummy runs with no risk to your capital. The book also tells you how to pick the right broker and save lots of money.

If you have been looking for the best stocks and shares books, manuals or e-books, you have come to the right place.

Here's a selection of recent readers' comments:

From Jim Yang, Australia: A very good section on lessons learned .... Good tips, like finding discount brokers .... A very handy book to have around .... Simple to understand, without a lot of the jargon .... A very handy book for beginners ... I've learned quite a few things from it!

From Dave Halley, Australia: A good, easy to read introduction to making money in the share market. The system recommended is simple to follow and possible to use without a computer. I found many words of wisdom peppered throughout. There is also a range of further reading and helpful information sites detailed at the back.

From Jim Cochran, Thailand: I found the e-book to be of great help. It is written in a simple format which allows even a layman like myself to easily understand the workings of the stockmarket. I Look forward to any further publications you may have in the pipeline.

From Thadeus McCrindle, JP Morgan Investor Services: Your e-book was great. I have five years' experience investing and I learned some useful things from your book. I would recommend this e-book to anyone wanting more information on how to make money from the stock market. The e-book gave a great guide as to what needs to be considered to make money from the market. It is very comprehensive covering all the necessary areas that contribute to share trading. The language of the e-book was simple enough for a beginner, but gave enough information for someone with share market experience to gain from it. It is certainly worth a read. It can be applied to every country, not just the UK markets.

It contains real-life examples of verifiable profit-making opportunities that could make you extra income and gives you the chance to "paper trade" first without risking your money. How about that? You can see how money you could make without risking a penny.

Our existing buyers say the Secrets of Stock Market Success e-book is excellent value for money and that the following information is worth more than ten times the price alone. You will learn how to:
  • Avoid the classic beginners' pitfalls. 
  • How to paper trade to test the system.
  • Calculate the real and hidden costs of buying shares
  • Make up to ten times what you could get from a bank or building society
  • Pick shares before they are recommended in other publications
  • Save $$$$ or ££££s on each deal you make by selecting the right broker
  • Work out exactly when to buy, and to sell
  • Get great share information - all of it free
  • Get free charts from the internet to help you
  • Spot buying and selling points in seconds
  • Understand "moving averages" and "relative strength indices"
  • Beat the newspapers to the hottest share buys

As one satisfied customer said: " I read your e-book and realised just where I had been going wrong before - thank you!"

The Secrets of Stock Market Success is an electronic e-book that can be read by any computer, tablet, iPad, or Kindle.

Once you have the e-book you can get stock market information, share prices and even trade shares right from your own computer, wherever you are in the world. You can even check your share prices while on holiday.

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