Communications Foundation

Delegate Feedback

"As someone new to communication, I found this course great. It was easy to follow, great interaction with the tutors and I picked up great tips. I came away feeling like a communicator."

"Tutors did a great job - very committed. All exercises were good; this is what I really learnt from. Would love to have done more exercises but there is probably not enough time on a two-day course."

"The tutors were excellent, informative, friendly but they kept pushing us until we got to where they wanted us to get to. Their criticism was possibly tempered by too positive vibes. Although it is nice to be praised and horrible to be humiliated in front of others, they could have been slightly more harsh. However this attitude made the course totally enjoyable. I thought it was brilliant!"

"An excellent course - very informative and I learned a great deal. Also, a bit of a confidence booster, becaused I realised I was doing some things well. The two Steves gave excellent advice, comments and examples. The pace and balance of the two days was very good. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting and all-round introduction to comms."

"A great deal of information packed into such a short period of time, it was very helpful and it was good fun. I felt both tutors worked well together and made the course interesting. Overall the course has given me a good grounding and I am looking forward to applying the extra knowledge to my experience at the next opportunity."

"The course was fantastic, a real insight into how exciting comms can really be. The tutors, Steve and Steve, are first class. They responded to their audience and had everyone fully engaged from the off! I thoroughly enjoyed the course and feel I have learnt so much!"

"The pace of the course was good to follow and I am convinced that I will benefit a lot from this course on my current role as communications specialist. The content covered more than my current tasks which is great for my future when my responsibilities will probably extend. My awareness has definitely risen a lot and I look for ways to implement some of their suggestions. I can highly recommend this course to everybody who is new to communications."

"An excellent course - realistic, practical, useful and run at a good pace. The tutors kept it real with good (and frightening!) live examples of how things go wrong. The practical exercises were interesting and a much better way to get a real understanding of the topic. I wish I'd done this a year ago!"

"Having recently changed to a new role and organisation this course gave me a real confidence boost. A great overview course and one of the best I have attended."

"I found the course very useful and motivating. The course content was spot on and it highlighted areas I need to work on and areas I am pleased I am good at. The tutors worked really well together. It was great to have such a different style."

Delegates on one of the public courses for CiB.

Communications Foundation covers all the basic essential ingredients for print and electronic communications, newswriting, interviewing, sub-editing, design, photography, proof reading, news editing, running an intranet news service and editing.

The two-day course is run by Steve Nichols and Steve Knight at your premises (if you have six or more delegates) or twice a year in Central London if you have one or two.

By the end of this two-day course, you will:

  • understand what makes news and where to find it;
  • how to ask the right questions when interviewing;
  • how to handle text - whether it needs rewriting;
  • how to write for the web;
  • how to design to make it easier for the reader;
  • how to make better use of digital cameras;
  • what to look for when proof reading;
  • how to plan a production schedule;
  • how people read on screen and how to develop an editorial strategy - and much more.

Delegates on one of the public courses for CiB

This will be an intensive two days with plenty of participation and interaction.

Come armed with a sense of humour and plenty of enthusiasm!

We can either run the course at your premises (for six or more people) for an all-in fee of £3,500 + VAT. We have run this as an in-house course for AXA, BNFL, Astra Zeneca and Anglian Water.

For more details contact Steve Nichols on 07899 992389 or e-mail